Is it A Cold? Or is It Covid? First American News LLC

First American News LLC, Raleigh, NC: Many people in New York City are canceling holidays gatherings and lining up for hour outside coronavirus testing centers.

The Systems of common cold are typically a stuffy head, the sniffles and body aches. Now, this season, there’s a new one: panic. As the largest coronavirus variant races through recently reopened offices, holiday parties and family gatherings, signs of an aliment that was once an annoying winter perennial – ease with bed rest and chicken soup – now set minds racing. In New York City, the slightest sniffle has people canceling holiday plans and packing coronavirus testing centers, where in recent days lines have stretched for blocks, said Gaby Mendoza of MB Daily News.

Is it a cold? or is it Covid?

With new information that highly contagious Omicron variant can penetrate two vaccine shots and a booster, it has become emotionally upending to feel under the weather, New Yorker say. Read more on Covid and Omicron at The Wall Street Journal, sign up today at

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