How Does Omicron Get Transfer From One Person to Another? The New Variant has a lot of people worried this season.

From pandemia to panic, the new virus has the citizens of New York City running worry, some with the slightest symptoms of the runny nose are canceling holiday gatherings and lining up for hours outside coronavirus testing centers.

Omicron is highly infectious and it spread far more rapidly than Covid-19. The symptoms of the common cold are typically a stuffy head, sniffles, and body aches.

As the latest coronavirus variant races through recently reopened offices, holiday parties, and family gatherings, signs of an ailment that was once an annoying winter perennial — eased with bed rest and chicken soup — now set minds racing. In New York City, the slightest sniffle has people canceling holiday plans and packing coronavirus testing centers, where in recent days lines have stretched for blocks. Click here to read more about the new developments of Omicron at The New York Times

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